How to buy, use, sell Bitcoins

It is surprising how easy trading Bitcoins became. In many cases financial transactions using bitcoins are now quicker and easier  than conventional online banking. Many goods and services can be bought online and in real life just in a blink of an eye and many banks worldwide accept and trade Bitcoins. Bitcoins are sent and recieved within seconds even when transacting internationally, mostly without additional fees. Bitcoins can be converted to cash and cash back to Bitcoins at ATMs and dealer locations in many cities around the globe. They are de-facto recognized by many governments around the world as a non-state-issued, unrestricted currency. BITCOINS ARE HERE TO STAY - Now how do you profit from that?


To process Bitcoin transactions first of all you need a Bitcoin-wallet. There are Wallets for Windows and Android available, however Apple doesn't yet support the Idea of Bitcoins and does not offer any official software managing Bitcoins. One of the best, safest and easiest to handle wallets for Microsoft Windows and Google's Android is Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet. Also this wallet features a userlist wich shows Bitcoin-owners near you and lets you contact them directly to buy thier bitcons for cash f.e. We strongly advise buying and selling bitcoins only on spot and in person. Ranking however tells you how reliable a user is what should make your choise easy. That leads us to the next step:


The easiest way to convert your everyday's fiat-money into Bitcoins if you live in a big city, is usually to just go and buy them. As stated above there are many Banks selling Bitcoins aswell as ATMs and dealer locations. How ever of course provides an exchange that is open to be used frem every country, limitless, with low fees and as simple as it gets. Buying on spot google an ATM, dealer or Bank accepting bitcoins near you, then phonecall them and ask for terms and conditions. There is nothing complicated nor illegal about Bitcoin transactions so the vendor must have clear, visual contact information on his website and the conditions should also be easy and clear. Only use instant services, wich will convert your money on spot and within minutes. Services that seem fishy mostly are fishy, so refrain from them. Keep in mind that most institutions trade Bitcoins for profit so there will be always a small fee involved. Also keep in mind that Bitcoin is regarded as a lucrative investment since their value has grown during 2017 by almost 1000%.


To pay someone or send Bitcoins to a friend f.e. you will always need the recievers Wallet-

Number. This Wallet-Number can also be QR-encoded what makes things easier. Just choose

the option "send Bitcoins" (or similar)

inside your wallet and scan the recievers QR-code or copy/print the Wallet-Number. You can

also tipe in the number manually wich shall be avoided to not mistake. Also avoid buying

anything online without the involvement of a trusted escrow provider since Bitcoins are

100% untracable and anonymous so gone Bitcoins are gone.

To recieve Bitcoins, you will need to do the same in reverse: Click the "recieve Bitcoins"

(or similar) option  in your wallet and send or show your friend, customer or businesspartner

your Wallet-Number and/or QR-code. You should see an instant income in your wallet

because as stated above Bitcoins work in realtime. Keep in mind that for security reasons

your Wallet-Number and QR-code do automatically change after every transaction so dont

you confuse.

Congratulations - You are now a Bitcoin-Pro. You can now start trading like crazy ;-)

Typical Mycelium UI with the Wallet-Number and QR-code.

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