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Thank you guys so much!

In response to the unacceptable arrest of German captain Carola Rackete, we at BTCoin.Systems decided to extend the good fight. Therefore we have renamed our 'Seawatch-3-Support-Fund' into the 'Free-Carola-Rackete-Fund'. It is paramount to show the fascist italian regime under Salvini that the public has Carolas back and that arresting Carola and her ship(worth 3.000.000$ USD) was wrong and immoral. Please help us making our point clear by donating to our new 'Free-Carola-Rackete-Fund'. The money collected here will be used to cover all nessecary legal expenses to achieve the release of Carola and her ship ASAP.  Any amount will help whether small or big. The donation made here is of course anonymous but  not tax deductible.


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