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With you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks or fraud. Truly secure payments. is an easy, safe and fast way to secure your online transactions from fraud and chargeback.


Just as Bitcoins our service is freeware and available for everyone. does not request personal data from its customers and does not store any data longer than a transaction requires.


We are also the first service that brings security not only to the customer but also to the payment receiver:

Choosing the option "spend for charity" the customer agrees that his money will not be given to the vendor and not refunded, but donated for charity incase the agreed goods or services are not delivered. That adds trust when fullfilling contracts and agreements and ensures that no motivation is left for any party to try frauding. Vendors should ask for this option when doing a first time transaction with a customer or have doubts for any reason. Powerfull 124 bit encoding ensures maximum security for every operation on


If you buy or sell goods or services using our escrow service, will set up a middleman-account for you and a separate one for every single transaction.  That account has his own code and number just like any usual Bitcoin-wallet (wallet-number). Since anonymity is a key element behind the idea of Bitcoins its is also a key element in our services. That is why you will have to do the exact same registration and activation process for every single transaction you want to secure. To set up a transaction, click the "instant escrow!" button when entering the site or click here if you are already reading the guide. The data requested must be complete to process your inquiry. After clicking the "escrow now!" button you will recieve a confirmation e-mail with a link to activate your account. Clicking the link in the confirmation-mail you will be directed to your middleman-account that can now be charged with Bitcoins. Your vendor or customer will recieve an e-mail as soon as you charged Bitcoins to your account informing about your readiness for transaction, exact amount charged and the conditions chosen. Also on you account the buttons "send Bitcoins!" and "refund Bitcoins!" will appear aswel as the balance available. Due to large traffic sometimes it can take some minutes until available balance is displayed and ready to be processed. To refresh the balance displayed just click the button "refresh balance". If your business partner violated the agreed conditions and you chose to donate or refund Bitcoins your business partner will be informed about the canceled transaction by e-mail aswell (refund takes up to 24h and is only possible if the charity-option wasn't choosen). To pass on Bitcoins to your businesspartner and to bring the ongoing transaction to an end, just klick the "send Bitcoins!" button (Clicking the "send Bitcois" button will log you out automatically and delete your account along with all data stored). is a non-profit service and free for everyone. We hope to help ensuring a fair online market and prevent fraudent actions using Bitcoins.

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